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Drilling Fluids

Drilling Fluids

The proper rheological profile in a drilling fluid is fundamental to its success. A drilling fluid must be able to be adapted to the various hurdles encountered during drilling. Some of the benefits of ANTISOL™ include but are not limited to preventing water loss and effectively dispersing clay particles. 

Drilling fluids have the following essential functions:

  • Removal of the cuttings
  • Stabilization of the bore hole
  • Cooling and lubrication
  • Control of formation pressure

If straight water is used, the flow properties and debris carrying capacity of the drilling fluid depend on the geological structure. This can make the desired control of the drilling fluids’ performance impossible.

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Suitable for modifying the flow and filtration properties of water based drilling fluids

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With its tailored properties, ANTISOL™ helps to adapt the properties of the drilling fluids to the highly differing demands resulting from the formation encountered during drilling. The use of ANTISOL™ in drilling fluids provides the following benefits:
  • Effective dispersion of clay particles
  • Protection of clay particles against detrimental effects of electrolytes
  • Retention of water of the drilling fluid which could penetrate into the formation
  • Shale inhibition that prevents swelling of shale formations and the dispersion of the shale in the drilling fluid

ANTISOL™ FL Polyanionic Cellulose Polymers are fluid loss agents providing a broad range of rheological profiles to drilling fluids.


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