Gel Fuels

Safe Gel Fuels for Smokeless and Odorless Fire and Heating

Without cellulose ethers, there is no gel in a gel fuel. Gel fuels are comprised of both an alcohol and a cellulose ether such as METHOCEL™ or CELLOSIZE™ hydroxyethyl cellulose used as a thickener. The result is a gel fuel that burns cleanly, generates very little soot, is virtually smokeless, and does not produce harmful combustion byproducts. The thickener’s function is to control burn-rate, reduce evaporation rate, and to reduce possibility of spill. 

Gel fuels (solid fuels, fuel pastes) are broadly used for camping stoves, fire lighting fuel, chafing dishes, and fireplaces. Using gel fuels in areas that are traditionally dominated by firewood, paraffin, or liquefied petroleum gas can offer some distinct advantages. One key distinction is that they heat up to full intensity very quickly, as opposed to firewood or bio ethanol fuels, which take much longer to produce high heat. As a replacement for firewood in fireplaces, gel fuels offer light and heat but do not give off smoke and odor. They help to create a clean, contemporary look while preserving a traditional fire appearance. The key advantage of gel fuels in cooking is in the lack of smoke and noxious odors so that these are not imparted to the food.

Our Solutions

METHOCEL™ and CELLOSIZE™ are ideal thickener choices for a variety of gel fuel formulations, given their solubility in both organic solvents and water.



Solubility in water-alcohol mixtures; Rheology modifier; some grades are surface treated.

Rheology modifier used to formulate gel fuels that are comprised of water and lower molecular weight alcohols. Direct addition to the formulation and dispersion at relatively low shear without any sig

Your Applications

The desired appearance and burn rate of the gel fuel can easily be changed by varying the water addition. CELLOSIZE™ is a commonly used thickener in water-rich formulations (>25 wt-% water). Designated METHOCEL™ grades require less water for full dissolution. METHOCEL™ is commonly used in fuel gel formulations comprising 10-15% water.
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