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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC)

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC)

Outstanding quality and a tailored rheology of screen-printing inks and pastes are crucial for the MLCC production. ETHOCEL™ polymers are readily soluble in many organic solvents and burn out cleanly. This makes ETHOCEL™ an ideal rheology modifier, binder and stabilizer for inks and pastes used in MLCCs manufacturing.

Multilayer ceramic capacitors are critical components of many electronic devices such as cell phones, computers and tablets. MLCCs consist of many layers of ceramic and metal in an alternate fashion. Tape casting is often used to produce the single ceramic sheets onto which the electrodes are screen-printed by applying electrode paste ink. Subsequently the single sheets are stacked to form the multilayer structure. To cope with the need to produce thinner layer MLCC in order to increase the resulting capacity high quality electrode paste inks are required.

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The outstanding rheology of ETHOCEL™ allows screen-printing of the electrodes onto the ceramic substrate. Thanks to the high purity of ETHOCEL™ it burns off completely, leaving highly conductive electrodes.

Terpineol and 2-butoxyethyl acetate are two solvent, which have been widely used in MLCC manufacturing. ETHOCEL™ works very well in these solvents.

Therefore, ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose polymers are broadly being used as high-quality rheology modifiers, film formers, and binders in conductive inks for screen printing.

ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose polymers are broadly used as high-purity rheology modifiers high quality electrode pastes and inks in multilayer ceramic capacitors.


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