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Precision and cleanliness are of the utmost importance when dealing with silicon wafers. ETHOCEL™ offers excellent performance as a binder, thickener, and film former for conductive inks. As a thickener for photovoltaic pastes, ETHOCEL™ functions as a rheology modifier, binder and stabilizer for metal pigments. One key advantage is it burns out cleanly leaving no residue after firing.

Lines of conductive paste ink, made from solvents, binders, metal powder, and glass frit, are screen-printed onto silicon wafers. The outstanding rheology of ETHOCEL™ allows screen-printing of tall, narrow electrodes with sharp edges.

Thanks to the high purity of ETHOCEL™ it burns off completely, leaving highly conductive electrodes required for high efficiency solar panels.

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ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose polymers are being used as high-quality rheology modifiers, film formers, and binders in conductive inks for screen printing. Additionally, ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose polymers act as wetting agents and lubricants during the three-roll milling to achieve the necessary fineness of grind (FOG).

ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose polymers are broadly used as high-purity rheology modifiers for photovoltaic frontside and backside metallization pastes.


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