Special Effects

Special Effects Thickener for Artificial Blood and Slime

Artificial blood is commonly used for theatrical or medical training purposes. METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers are extremely effective thickeners used in artificial blood as well as special effect slime. Because it has a broad range of viscosities, METHOCEL™ helps formulators to achieve a variety of consistencies, whether that be a thin runny product or a thick stringy product. Because METHOCEL™ comes in dry form it is easy to make small or large quantities as needed. Additionally, METHOCEL does not require hot water to dissolve; therefore, it can be used on site.

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Rheology modifier with a broad range of viscosities; soluble in water and select organic solvents. 

Efficient thickener and rheology modifier in special effect formulations.

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Some very memorable theatrical moments were created because of the unique special effects used to take the audience imaginations straight into the production. METHOCEL™ is used as a thickener in special effects products, most commonly blood and slime, to give the special effects products their desired consistency.
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