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Lower cost while maintaining or improving quality is an attribute most companies and consumers would find attractive. DuPont Cellulosics and PEO offer cost saving solutions for battery manufacturing by using binders that are based on renewable materials. The result is a high quality battery with lower production costs and lower recycling costs.

DuPont offers tailor-made solutions for the sustainable manufacture of battery electrodes by using water-soluble binders based on renewable raw materials. This alternative to conventional systems follows a new approach to battery production, and achieves comparable to superior battery characteristics as well as lower production and recycling costs.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

DuPont's water-soluble polymers, mainly WALOCEL™ CRT Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose are broadly used as binders in lithium ion battery electrodes.  Additionally, POLYOX™ water-soluble polymers are used as binders for battery electrodes and in membrane separators.


The outstanding water-solubility and the adjustable rheological profile of highly purified WALOCEL™ CRT grades provide battery producers with many advantages:

  • Water based solvent – environmental friendly, clean, no pollution
  • No need of environmental control in the electrode slurry preparation
  • Fast drying speed & low drying temperature requires less electric power and yields in higher production rate
  • Reduced manufacturing cost of the aqueous vs. the solvent processing
  • No dry room required for cell assembly, only humidity control required during electrolyte filling


POLYOX™ forms complexes with a wide variety of lithium salts such as lithium triflate, and with many polar substances like mineral acids, halogens, and poly (carboxylic) acids, opening the door for new battery designs. In electrolytes, POLYOX™ can dissolve a large amount of the inorganic salts resulting in an ion-conductive medium for rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, the polymer electrolyte can be made into strong and flexible thin films to improve battery safety, performance and manufacturing.


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