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Additives that promote efficiency and can help produce an outstanding ceramic part are integral to the ceramics industry. By offering an extensive portfolio of highly purified products, DuPont Cellulosics and PEO users can tailor a formulation to yield the desired solubility, lubricity, binding needs, etc. These products are used as forming aids as well as processing aids and most importantly they burn off cleanly.

In the ceramics industry, additives that provide plasticity, binding and/or lubricity are critical to enable highly efficient processes yielding to high quality ceramic products. In order to address critical needs of the ceramic industry we offer a broad range of highly purified products allowing formulators to select the ideal polymer that provides the desired combination of properties such as solubility, water binding, plasticity, lubricity, debindering, purity and thermal gelation.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Because of the unique set of properties and their high purity METHOCEL™ and WALOCEL™ CRT cellulose ethers, as well as POLYOX™ Water-Soluble Polymers help reducing abrasion on equipment, lead to improved shape retention of the ceramic part, allow higher extrusion temperatures and reduce both extrusion pressure and ejection force.

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For years, the same cellulose esters have been used in binder systems serving as extrusion aids with clean burnout. With new industrial demands on shapes, forms and efficiency, new ceramic binder systems are needed. To address this gap, DuPont created CERAVANCE™. Using CERAVANCE™ in ceramic binder systems enables faster extrusion, improved shape retention, and fewer rejected parts.

As raw materials comprise a small portion of the costs associated with ceramic extrusion, reducing production costs makes the most significant impact on your bottom line. Ceravance enables you to:

  • Address performance issues
  • Achieve new extruded shapes and forms economically
  • Improve quality of your parts
  • Increase extruder speed to increase throughput

METHOCEL™ and WALOCEL™ CRT cellulose ethers, as well as POLYOX™ Water-Soluble Polymers are used extensively across many ceramics applications. Examples are the extrusion of ceramic substrates (honeycombs) for emission control applications and filters, injection molding, ceramic membranes for ultra-filtration, mechanical components, tubes for high temperature uses, cutting tool inserts, ceramic coatings and catalyst support and adsorbents.


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