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Metalurgia de polvos

Metalurgia de polvos

A key component in the metal paste for powder metallurgy is an effective binder. METHOCEL™ is just that, an ideal binder and processing aid. It allows a low extrusion pressure by providing plasticity and lubrication to the paste.

Long-lasting drills, which easily drill into hardened steel or into extremely hard rocks, are of great importance for many different applications e.g. for the oil and gas exploration industry. Tungsten carbide is the main material for making such long-life drillers and drilling equipment. Tungsten carbide rods are the precursor to make the drillers.

To manufacture tungsten carbide rods, tungsten carbide powder is mixed with a binder, water and other ingredients yielding in a stiff paste. This paste is subsequently pressed through a die to form a shaped rod. After drying of the extrudates, the organic components of the formulation are burned off and the so called “green body” is sintered to the final tungsten carbide part.

Our Solutions

Our Solution

Because of the unique set of properties and their high purity METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers are ideal processing aids providing plasticity and lubrication to the metal powder paste yielding in low extrusion pressure even in a low concentration in the paste.

METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers are ideal to adapt plasticity and lubrication of metal powder paste to your process and your needs.


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