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Efectos especiales

Efectos especiales

Blood, guts, gore and slime. METHOCEL™ is an industry standard for some of the most realistic looking special effects products. As the thickening agent in artificial blood, METHOCEL™ can offer a range of viscosities depending on the flow needed. It also allows for large quantities to be produced at low costs and has a long shelf life. Additionally, METHOCEL™ is commonly used to make slime. Its ability to be dissolved in cold water enables users to make slime on demand.

Artificial blood is commonly used for theatrical or medical training purposes. METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers are extremely effective thickeners used in artificial blood as well as special effect slime. Because it has a broad range of viscosities, METHOCEL™ helps formulators to achieve a variety of consistencies, whether that be a thin runny product or a thick stringy product. Because METHOCEL™ comes in dry form it is easy to make small or large quantities as needed. Additionally, METHOCEL does not require hot water to dissolve; therefore, it can be used on site.

Some very memorable theatrical moments were created because of the unique special effects used to take the audience imaginations straight into the production. METHOCEL™ is used as a thickener in special effects products, most commonly blood and slime, to give the special effects products their desired consistency.

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