Ceravance: Industry Standard

Set new industry standards: CERAVANCE™

Cellulose binders have long controlled and tuned ceramic extrusion. Yet, the standards for these products were developed for other applications. Dow Chemical Company created CERAVANCE™ specifically for use in ceramic applications.


CERAVANCE™ can improve product quality, increase productivity, and reduce manufacturing costs. In tests against the industry standard, using CERAVANCE™:

  • Improved shape retention by up to 25%
  • Reduced spring back of extruded ceramic by a factor of 3 to 4
  • Allowed for up to 45% higher extrusion speed
  • Reduced cooling energy required by up to 10%
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Shape Retention:

Proper selection of the binder in a ceramic paste greatly affects the ability of the extruded part to maintain its shape. When exiting from an extruder, the ceramic paste is wet and prone to slumping or sagging. Inadequate shape retention leads to higher reject rate and lower yields. 

Reduce Spring Back:

Spring back is the linear expansion of the ceramic part as it exits the extruder. Reducing incidence of spring back can reduce cracking in the final ceramic part, improving yield.

Higher Extrusion Speed:

Processing costs are a considerable expense in ceramic extruding. Increasing the extrusion speed without sacrificing quality will result in significant savings. Increased throughput over each shift reduces overall costs.

Reduces Cooling Energy Needed:

Incorporating CERAVANCE™ into ceramic pastes allows for higher processing temperatures and a reduction in the amount of cooling water needed. This gain is particularly important when cooling larger extruded profiles.
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