About Us

Industrial Cellulosics at ChemPoint – Your solutions provider for DowDuPont's Cellulosics & Poly(ethylene oxide) offerings in industrial applications.

DowDuPont and ChemPoint formed a strategic partnership in April 2014 to establish a new order, delivery and service model, specifically designed to meet customer needs in industrial applications, for CELLOSIZE™ hydroxyethyl cellulose polymers, ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose polymers, METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers, POLYOX™ water-soluble polymers, and WALOCEL™ CRT products. Our collective goal is to enhance the customer experience by providing a higher degree of service and support powered by a dedicated technical marketing & sales team focused exclusively on Dow’s cellulosic and poly(ethylene oxide) offerings in industrial applications.

The industrial cellulosics team at ChemPoint acts as a fully-integrated extension of DowDuPont and is always available to facilitate customer needs for product selection, technical support, order placement and fulfillment. In addition, our customers receive needed support from ChemPoint’s customer service and supply chain professionals to ensure on-time delivery and high service levels.

We constantly endeavor to offer you the quickest response time, timely communication, collaborative transaction terms, flexible ordering options, and greater degree of market insight. We are confident that our approach to serving customers will reach far beyond your requirements and expectations. Let us put our passion and curiosity to work for you.

Founded in 1999, ChemPoint has become the leader in the marketing, sales and distribution of specialty and fine chemicals through the use of progressive technology and efficient business processes with a deep knowledge of the chemical industry.

ChemPoint engages in exclusive product line relationships with premier manufacturers to provide personalized marketing and sales for targeted customer segments.

Our two offices in Bellevue, Washington and Maastricht, Netherlands are made up of over 200 employees. Our parent company is Univar - a global chemical distribution company and has its headquarters in Downers Grove, Illinois.

We are the preferred development partner for manufacturers and suppliers in the areas of specialty industrial applications. DowDuPont supplies high-performance, cellulose-based products and related chemistries along with formulation know-how to help our customers innovate and differentiate in highly-regulated markets.

We cater to the changing needs of all formulators and brand owners whose label claims are enabled by our solutions.

Cellulosics and their derivatives are produced from renewable raw materials, mainly pine pulp, sourced primarily from suppliers that implement certified sustainable forestry practices. Whether for healthier food ingredients or enhanced medicinal delivery, products containing Cellulosics help improve the daily lives of billions of people.

Our worldwide growth is based on robust manufacturing capabilities among the most advanced in our sector, and on global, regional and local investment. It’s driven by our people, leading product brands, application know-how, global supply and an unremitting focus on R&D – all combined with a tireless pursuit of solutions to the production and marketing challenges our customers face.