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If you have questions regarding product application, let us know. We have a broad product portfolio and have technical expertise and industry relationships that we have established over the last decade. ChemPoint is committed to helping customers find the right product for their solutions.

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Once you are set up as a customer with ChemPoint, orders can be placed by email, phone or fax:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can ChemPoint deliver my order directly to our plant?
Absolutely! ChemPoint offers customers a competitive freight service while also allowing customers flexibility to utilize their own freight carrier. Please contact us to discuss the best way to service your account. Learn more about our freight service.
How can I get set up as a customer with ChemPoint?

It’s easy. Simply complete a credit application and provide your contact information (contact name, shipping address and billing address) by contacting the ChemPoint credit team:

For questions and further assistance with the set-up process please contact the Industrial Cellulosics team at ChemPoint:

How do I place orders?

Once you are set up as a customer with ChemPoint, orders can be placed by email, phone or fax:

How do I set up ChemPoint as a vendor?

Depending on your procurement system, the set-up process varies. ChemPoint will be happy to provide you with the necessary information to complete this process. Please contact the ChemPoint team:

I have additional questions, how do I get them answered?

If you're in North America, please call us at 425.230.5099 or email us [email protected]. For EMEA: Please call us at +31 43 711 0100 or email us [email protected]

I have technical questions – Can you help?

The Industrial Cellulosics team at ChemPoint has the technical knowledge and capabilities to provide technical assistance. Ask a question from our Contact Us page or contact us:

I need to order material, can I order from ChemPoint today?
Yes, ChemPoint is ready to service your needs.
Tell me about your lead times and availability
Lead times and availability are a function of the product and your specific needs. ChemPoint will create a stocking strategy to best meet your needs. Please contact a member of the ChemPoint team to discuss your specific needs or leave a request using the contact form. We are happy to provide you more information on the service and support standards you can expect from us.
Tell me more about Industrial Cellulosics at ChemPoint
Visit the About Us page to learn more about the partnership and meet your team.
We only conduct business with vendors who are members of the NACD. Is ChemPoint a member of the NACD?
Yes. ChemPoint is a wholly owned subsidiary of Univar, and Univar is a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors.
What are ChemPoint’s standard terms & conditions of sale?
ChemPoint’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale are available at
What are my payment options?
ChemPoint offers a variety of payment options including payment by check, wire transfer, EFT and ACH. For further information or to discuss your specific needs please contact ChemPoint.
What if my end-use application is not listed in the set of industrial applications published on this website?
Industrial specialties is a broad market, so if you don’t see your application, please contact ChemPoint.
Where does ChemPoint stock these materials?
ChemPoint stocks these products in Bedford Park, Illinois (North America) and Antwerp, Belgium (EMEA).
Who is ChemPoint?
ChemPoint is the leader in the sales, marketing, and distribution of specialty and fine chemicals in North America and EMEA, engaging in exclusive product line relationships with premier manufacturers. Under its umbrella are 90 supplier partners representing more than 200 global product lines. Learn More
Will there be any changes to the product(s)?
No, all products will continue to be IFF branded and presented in original packaging.
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