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ANTISOL™ PAC Polymers for Water Based Drilling Fluids

Antisol™ Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) Polymers is a carboxymethylcellulose additive proven indispensable when modifying flow and filtration properties in water-based drilling fluids.

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Ceramics Processing with METHOCEL™

METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers are the ideal ceramic binder to improve the manufacturing process and increase efficiency.

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Create the optimal paint remover

METHOCEL™ acts to reduce evaporation rates of solvents and keep them in place, optimizing the time the solvent interacts with the surface.

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ETHOCEL™ Ethylcellulose Polymers: Predictable Performance You Can Count On

Ethocel™ Ethylcellulose Polymers are multi-functional, water-insoluble, organosoluble polymers used in many industrial and specialty applications where batch to batch consistency is required.

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METHOCEL™ PVC Suspension Agent

METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers have been used for many years as suspending agents for vinyl chloride polymerization.

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Keep it on the wall: Reducing drip and sag in spray adhesives

POLYOX™ is soluble in water and organic solvents and adds lubricity to formulations.

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METHOCEL™: Multiple Functions, One Chemistry

METHOCEL cellulose ethers include a variety of products ranging from water-soluble to organosoluble.

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POLYOX™ Water Soluble Resins: Value-added Versatility

POLYOX™ Water-Soluble Resins are nonionic, high molecular weight water-soluble poly (ethylene oxide) polymers.

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Seed Coating Binder Selection: Informed Choices

Critical to the success of any seed coating is the binder that adheres the coating to the surface of the seed.

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POLYOX™ Industrial Water Treatment and Flocculants

POLYOX™ Water Soluble Resins provide value in water treatment applications by adsorbing onto fine colloidal materials in water to improve flocculation and particle retention.

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METHOCEL™ - Adhesives

Adhesive formulations benefit greatly from utilizing a small concentration of METHOCEL™ to control viscosity, improve wet tack, and boost green strength.

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ETHOCEL™ - Flexographic & Gravure Inks

ETHOCEL™ ethyl cellulose polymers are excellent binders & rheology modifiers for solvent based gravure, flexographic, and screen printing inks.

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TEXTURECEL™ : Clear Consistency When You Need It Most

TEXTURECEL™ Polymers are sodium carboxymethylcellulosce (NaCMC) polymers used as a thickener and binder in industrial applications.

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METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers For Cleaning Solutions

METHOCEL™ provides excellent thickening and gelation properties to household and industrial cleaners. The product range is based on cellulose ethers offering a wide range of viscosities.

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POLYOX™ Efficient Agricultural Additive

POLYOX™ has a broad range of properties that make it an excellent choice for agriculture applications including seed coatings, seed tapes, and agricultural sprays.

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METHOCEL™ - Gel Sanitizers and Cleaners

METHOCEL™ is an extremely efficient thickener for solutions containing alcohols and other common solvents used for sanitizing surfaces

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METHOCEL™ - Agriculture

Wettable Powders are a relatively easy and efficient way to apply pesticides and fertilizers. METHOCEL™ is an excellent dispersing and suspending aid for wettable powders. METHOCEL™ products will also bind pesticides and fertilizers to seeds.

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METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers in Building and Construction Applications

Achieve the best results in your building materials with METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers

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METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers can help you create better building materials.

The highly effective water retention and bonding properties of Methocel make it the ideal product for increasing the bond strength of sand, lime, and cement mortar.

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Improve your Gypsum Products with METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers

With its versatility and reliability, METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers are the perfect choice for a cost-effective solution towards improving performance in all your gypsum building materials.

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Unlock the Potential of Cement Mortar and Concrete with METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers

By adding METHOCEL™ to your cement mortar or concrete, you can make your building materials stronger, more durable, and resistant to cracking and other damage.

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Innovate and Increase Productivity with IFF

For over 60 years, IFF has been a global leader in producing renewable polymers that increase the productivity, sustainability, and performance of chemical formulations. Learn more about how to leverage IFF's polymers here.

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Renewable Polymers for Robust Chemical Formulations

For over 60 years, IFF has been a leader in manufacturing specialty polymers based on renewable raw materials such as cellulose and seaweed extracts. Learn more here.

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