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Safe to use, non-misting metalworking fluids. Successful metalworking fluids deliver the right performance in the right place, with low cost and low waste. POLYOX™ aids metalworking fluid formulators in these ways and more. It is used as a drift control agent in spray applications, reducing and eliminating overspray. At the same time, it increases throughput by decreasing turbulences through pipes and lines. When dried, POLYOX™ forms oil resistant masking films that are then water rinsable. When dispersed, POLYOX™  increases lubricity of the metalworking fluid.

Fast moving parts and tools, such as a high speed drill press, can lead to fine spattering of the metalworking fluid. Such a mist is undesirable because it contaminates the cutting tool and the air around the machine. It also represents a loss of the cutting fluid. Polymers can act as anti-misting additives by stabilizing the metalworking fluid during high speed operations.

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