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Polymers that can significantly improve flocculation and particle retention performance. Any improvements on making paper more quickly or more efficiently dramatically impact a paper mill’s bottom line.  POLYOX™ water-soluble resins serve as process aids with primary roles as adhesives and flocculants.  It produces benefits such as high degree of wet-tack with dry residue that’s non-tacky.  The higher molecular weight grades have high affinity for a variety of materials and provide efficient flocculation.

In paper manufacturing a broad range of colloidal particles, including fillers, pigments and sizing agents, are added into relatively low solids aqueous suspensions of pulp fibers. It is important that chemical additives, fillers and fibers are retained on the paper machine web during the dewatering process. However, these colloidal particles are often too small to retain on the web during the paper formation. To aid retention, various high molecular weight water-soluble polymers are being applied as flocculants. Poly(ethylene oxide) is an effective retention aid, especially for those pulps which contain anionic electrolytes that interfere with common cationic flocculants. 

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