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Innovate and Increase Productivity with IFF

Who is IFF?

For over 60 years, IFF has been a global leader in producing renewable polymers that increase the productivity, sustainability, and performance of chemical formulations required by several industries to drive faster innovation and deliver better results. From aerospace to agriculture, batteries to building products, IFF’s product portfolio provides unique functionalities that formulators rely on to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance value.

Why work with IFF?

IFF distinguishes itself from other polymer manufacturers by offering a wider product portfolio, best-in-class R&D, and a vast global network of laboratories and technical centers that helps formulators innovate, troubleshoot, and refine their formulations for success. IFF is also committed to helping formulators achieve their productivity targets by offering a holistic approach to product formulation. By offering ingredient consultation, IFF brings higher performance and effectiveness through its expertise and portfolio, which can reduce raw material usage in formulations. Through this, formulators can achieve an optimum balance of functionality, efficiency, and savings to achieve productivity targets.

How does IFF add value?

Below are a few articles documenting the ways formulators use IFF’s polymers to improve the efficiency, performance, and value of their products. Click each to learn more.


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