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Renewable Polymers for Robust Chemical Formulations

For over 60 years, IFF has been a leader in manufacturing specialty polymers based on renewable raw materials such as cellulose and seaweed extracts. IFF’s METHOCEL™, ETHOCEL™, TEXTURECEL™, Scogin®, Protaweld®, Lattice®, and SeaSpen® are renewable polymers that possess unique and powerful functionality that enable formulators and engineers among various industries to innovate better products that advance our world forward.

Here are just a few ways formulators have used IFF’s renewable polymers to improve the performance of their products:
From aerospace to agriculture to batteries to building products, IFF’s renewably sourced polymers not only improve the durability, functionality, and value of their products but also increase their sustainability as well. Explore more applications for IFF’s products here.

Below is a list of IFF’s renewable polymers and their natural content as calculated according to ISO 16128. Click on each product to learn more.
* 07 indicates a 0.7 substitution degree. No respective number means a 0.9 standard substitution degree.
  • Calculations were done using a central value of the specification window, USP if possible; otherwise, CE 29.1.
  • Variations may occur during testing, depending on:
    • individual batches and/or
    • inorganic compounds, such as salts, catalysts, humidity, etc., were not considered in the calculation.

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