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Rheology modifiers like METHOCEL™ and POLYOX™ are ideal for paint remover applications.  These products allow the paint stripper to stay in contact with the surface longer, thereby improving the paint remover’s efficiency. Paint stripper formulations that are intended for spray application require a delicate rheological balance, a balance that can be achieved by using METHOCEL™ and POLYOX™.

Paint removers' function is to loosen paint and clean the underlying surface so that the object can be repainted. Given the broad range of end-uses the industry has developed several different paint remover systems.

Those which are organic solvent based remove the paint by dissolving or softening the bond between the film and the substrate. Because of its high efficiency methylene chloride, which is also known as dichloromethane, has been the primary solvent in organic solvent based paint strippers. However due to increasing awareness of health hazards associated with this solvent, several paint remover producers have developed environmentally friendly paint strippers, which contain solvents derived from plants. Such biochemical-based strippers may include terpenes, lactic acids, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and soy oil.

ARTICLE » Create the optimal paint remover End-users include boat repairers, downstream manufacturers such as automobile manufactures, construction contractors, aerospace coating remover, do-it-yourself consumers and municipalities.

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