Create the optimal paint remover

A paint remover functions by penetrating layers of paint and causing the layers to de-laminate from each other. Once the bond between the paint or varnish and underlying surface is compromised, the paint or varnish becomes easy to remove. METHOCEL™ acts to reduce evaporation rates of solvents and keep them in place, optimizing the time the solvent interacts with the surface.

Advantages of Using METHOCEL™:

  • Organic and water solubility
    • Used to compatibilize disparate solvents
    • Helps softened paint to be rinsed off easily with water
  • Can be added directly to solvent under normal agitation, no need to pre-disperse in a non or low-solvent component
  • Free flowing powder disperses evenly without lumps
  • Fine tune thixotropy
  • Stripper remains on the vertical surface
  • Longer contact times by reducing evaporation rate

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