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Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer with a Brookfield viscosity min 2500 mPa*s

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Product Overview

Antisol FL 30000 is a multifunctional, highly viscous, powdery polyanionic polymer based on cellulose to improve the rheological properties of a bentonite rinse. Optimal results are achieved with Antisol FL 30,000 when used as an additive to phrikolat bentonit type W.

Antisol™ FL 30000 is a high purity carboxy methylcellulose with an extremly high viscosity.  It is primarly used in drilling fluid applications.



Antisol™ FL 30000 imparts a high viscosity to drilling fluids.  It has excellent fluid retention properties that improve rethention of water in the drilling fluid and improve the overall yield.  Antisol™ FL 30000 also works to prevent the swelling of shale formations and the dispersion of shale into the drilling fluid.

Features & Benefits

Excellent viscosifier
Shale inhibition
Removal of cuttings due to thixotropic nature
Friction reduction
Very high water binding capacity
Reduction of the filtration losses of bentonite suspensions
Filter lowering for fresh water
Improvement of the flow properties of bentonite suspensions
Protection of the bentonite rinsing in the case of electrolyte contact
Reduction of swelling and disruptive borehole formations


Product Specifications

Addition to bentonite type W: 0,5-1,5 Kg/m 3
Special application: 2-4 Kg/m 3

To avoid lump formation, Antisol FL 30000 should be added using suitable cut-in aids. FL 30000 should generally be added after the bentonite suspension has been produced.

The water used for mixing should be checked for pH and water hardness, conditioning with soda may be necessary.


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