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Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer with a Brookfield viscosity between 80 - 160 mPa*S


Product Overview

Antisol FL 100 is a modified, cellulose-based polyanionic polymer with only a minor influence on the viscosity of the suspension. Antisol FL 100 reliably lowers the loss from a bentonite rinse and increases the water delivery time. 



Horizontal directional drilling, well construction, vertical drilling technology, pipe jacking

Features & Benefits

- Improvement of the filter cake of bentonite suspensions
- Reduction of filtration losses of bentonite suspensions
- Increase in water binding capacity
- Increasing the stability of bentonite suspensions
- Improvement of the flow properties of bentonite suspensions
- Protection of the bentonite coil in the event of electrolyte contact
- Reduction of swelling and decay of drilled clays
- Borehole stabilization in water sensitive formations

Problems Solved



Product Specifications

Addition to Bentonit W (standard floor): 0,5-2Kg m3 
Special application : 2-4 Kg m3

To avoid lumps, Antisol FL 100 should be added using suitable cut-in aids (hopper with venturi nozzle). When used as an additive, Antisol FL 100 is generally added after the Bentoni suspension has been prepared. The water used for mixing should be checked for pH and water hardness, conditioning with soda may be necessary (max. 0.5 kg / m3)

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