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Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer with a Brookfield viscosity between 25 - 100 mPa*S


Product Overview

Antisol PAC ULV 30 is a modified, polyanionic polymer based on cellulose with very little influence on the viscosity of the suspension. Antisol PAC ULV 30 reliably reduces the water discharge time. Optimal results are achieved with Antisol PCA ULV 30 when used as an additive to phrikolat bentonite type W.


Horizontal directional drilling
Well construction
Vertical drilling Technology
Pipe jacking

Features & Benefits

Improving the filter of bentonite suspensions
Lowering the filtration losses of bentonite suspensions 
Increasing the stability of bentonite suspensions 
Improving the flow properties of bentonite suspensions 
Protection of bentonite rinsing in the event of electrolyte contact 
Reducing swelling and decay of drilled shades 
Drill hole stabilization in water-sensitive form

Product Specifications

Addition to bentonite type W- Premium: 0,5-1,5 Kg/m3
Maximum filtrate reduction: 5 Kg/m3

To avoid clumping and fish eyes, ANTISOL PAC ULV 30 should be added using suitable cut-in aids. When used as an additive, PAC ULV 30 is generally added after the bentoni suspension has been prepared.

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