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TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 PA is similar to TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 GA except it comes in powder form. It is also supplied in powder form and yields a viscosity of 10,000 cP.

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Product Overview

TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 PA is a high purity grade with similar properties as TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 P. It offers improved thickening, rheology, and film formation properties with a viscosity of 10,000 cP.


TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 PA is a powder form sodium carboxymethyl cellulose polymer for high purity applications. It is can be mixed with solids prior to water addition.

  • Adhesives: TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 PA is used in adhesives for thickening and rheology control properties.

  • Electronics and Batteries: TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 PA provides excellent viscosity and suspension in lithium-ion batteries. It also offers fast drying speed and low drying temperature, which increases productivity and saves energy.

  • Ceramics: TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 PA is commonly used in glazes, tiles, and clay bodies for thickening, plasticity, and green strength.

  • Cleaning Solutions: TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 PA is utilized in detergents and cleaners for higher viscosity yield and improved rheology.

  • ​Coatings and Inks: TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 PA is an economical natural thickener for water-based formulations. It provides superior thickening and rheology to coatings and inks formulations.

  • TEXTURECEL™ CRT 10000 PA can also be used in drilling fluids, lubricants, and PVC suspension polymerization.

Features & Benefits

High purity grade
Powder form
Water soluble with slow agitation
No odor or taste anionic polymer
Exceptional binding properties
Excellent thickener
Superior rheology control
Excellent viscosity modifier
Shear-thinning polymer
Improved lubricity
Wide range of PH stability (PH 3.5 - 12)
Advanced film formation properties
Approved food additives
An economical option for basic thickening
High surface tension, less foam formation
Compatible with most hydrocolloids
Forming fat, oil and organic solvent resistant films

Product Specifications

Viscosity, Brookfield, LVT, SP.3, 30 rpm, 1% aqueous sol. (dry basis), 25°C: 900 - 1,500 mPa.s
Substitution degree: 0.82 - 0.95 
PH Value, 1% aqueous solution 6.5 - 8.5 

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