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TEXTURECEL™ 60000 GA is a granular carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) with a viscosity of 60000 cps.


Product Overview

TEXTURECEL™ 60000 GA is the highest viscosity sodium carboxymethyl cellulose of all TEXTURECEL™ grades. It is anionic water-soluble cellulosic polymer which provides a viscosity of 60,000 cP at low level of use.


TEXTURECEL™ 60000 GA is ideal for high viscosity needs. It most commonly used in adhesives, agriculture and gel packs.

  • Adhesives: TEXTURECEL™ 60000 GA provides rheology and stability control to water-based formulations. It also offers high thickening at a low level of use in glues and adhesives applications.

  • Agriculture: TEXTURECEL™ 60000 GA is used as a stabilizer and rheology modifier in emulsions. It is listed in the EPA inner ingredient lists for use in adjuvants and crop protection product.

  • Gel Packs and Absorbents: TEXTURECEL™ 60000 GA exhibits high efficiency for gel formation. It is non-toxic, food contact approved and green profile for medical and food-related uses.

Features & Benefits

Water soluble
No odor or taste anionic polymer
Exceptional binding properties
Excellent thickener
Superior rheology control
Excellent viscosity modifier
Shear-thinning polymer
Improved lubricity
Wide range of PH stability (PH 3.5 - 12)
Advanced film formation properties
Approved food additives
An economical option for basic thickening
High surface tension, less foam formation
Compatible with most hydrocolloids
Forming fat, oil and organic solvent resistant films

Product Specifications

Viscosity, Brookfield, LVT, SP.3, 30 RPM, 0.5% aqueous solution (dry basis), 25°C: 1,100 - 2,000 cP
Substitution, degree of 0.82 - 0.95
pH Value, 1% aqueous solution: 6.5 - 8.5 
Total salt content, dry basis 0.50 Max 

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