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TEXTURECEL™ CRT 30 G is a low viscosity grade with slightly lower active content than TEXTURECEL™ CRT 30 GA. It is supplied in granular form and yields a viscosity of 20 - 40 cP.

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Product Overview

TEXTURECEL™ CRT 30 G is a granular form, technical grade cellulosic product based on sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. It provides a very low viscosity of 30 cP and directly soluble in water with slow agitation.


TEXTURECEL™ CRT 30 G is a cellulose ether based polymer that can be used for thickening, rheology control in many industrial applications. It is water soluble and supplied in a granular form that can be easily dissolved with slow agitation.

TEXTURECEL™ CRT 30 G is utilized in low viscosity applications when high purity is not essential. It provides improved binding and rheology control and lubricity to industrial and consumer products. It commonly used in adhesives, batteries, drilling fluids, printing inks and paper application.

Features & Benefits

Technical grade
Water soluble with solw agitation
No odor or taste anionic polymer
Improved binding
Rheology control
Viscosity modifier
Compatible with most hydrocolloids

Product Specifications

Viscosity, Brookfield, LVT, SP.1, 60 RPM, 2% aqueous solution (dry basis), 25°C: 20 - 40 cP
Substitution, degree of 0.82 - 0.95 
PH Value, 1% aqueous solution: 6.5 - 8.5 
Total salt content, dry basis 1.0% Max 

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