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Take Control of Adhesive Formulations with METHOCEL™

Due to its pseudoplastic (shear thinning) nature and the variety of available grades, METHOCEL™ methylcellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose polymers are extremely useful for controlling viscosity in water-based adhesive formulations.  The large selection grades ranging in molecular weight and hydroxypropyl substitution provide formulators precise control over viscosity.  The pseudoplastic rheology imparted by METHOCEL™ is especially useful for adhesives that need to be easily applied but resistant to creep and sag on vertical and overhead surfaces.  In addition, METHOCEL™ offers something other starch based polymers does not; thermal gelation.  When solutions containing METHOCEL™ are heated to a precise temperature the viscosity of the solution rises rapidly forming a gel.  When imparted to adhesive formulations, this characteristic allows for improved green bond strength, and faster drying at elevated temperatures.

Grade Recommendations

The grades listed in the table below are commonly used as thickeners and binders in adhesive formulations.
Grade Viscosity @ 2% in Water Organosolubilty Gelation Temperature
A4C 400 cP Poor 50-55° C
F4M 4,000 cP Moderate 62-68° C
J75MS 75,000 cP Good 60-70° C
K15MS 15,000 cP Moderate 70-90° C
311 120,000 cP Good N/A





Adhesive Applications

Carpet Backsizing
Backsizing compounds formulated with METHOCEL™ have excellent foaming characteristics that allow the adhesive to remain in the glue line instead of creeping into the carpet backing.  The unique thermal gelation properties allow for quicker setting.

Leather Processing
METHOCEL™ is used as a binder to paste leather hides to glass and porcelain in leather drying processes.  Due to the efficiency of water retention and the thermal gelation characteristic, METHOCEL™ based pastes are superior to starch based for leather drying and forming.

Plywood Laminating
The viscosity of adhesives used for manufacturing plywood is of utmost importance.  The thickening properties of METHOCEL™ in combination with its ability to gel at elevated temperatures keep the glue that is used to manufacture plywood from soaking into the wood.

Cigars & Cigarettes
METHOCEL™ is commonly used as in adhesive pastes for cigar and cigarette manufacturing or and as a binder in reconstituted tobacco sheets.  METHOCEL™ is derived from cellulose and provides both safety and efficiency to these adhesive formulations.

Wallpaper Paste
When used as the primary adhesive in dry mixes, METHOCEL™ provides a high degree of wet tack in combination with good slip properties.  Pastes made with METHOCEL™ can hold a variety of paper on walls while also allowing for patterns to easily be matched.  METHOCEL™ can also be added to pre-mixed pastes to control viscosity and increase wet tack.

Latex Adhesive
The viscosity of water-based emulsions can be precisely controlled with METHOCEL™.  In addition, it provides a psuedoplastic rhelology to these formulations that make them easy to apply but remarkably resistant to sag and creep.  METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers provide high wet tack, good green bond strength, and fast drying speeds to latex adhesives.



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To learn more about IFF's product stewardship programs or to obtain specific information about IFF products, please contact us.

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