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What is METHOCEL™?

METHOCEL™ is a group of water-soluble, cellulose ether polymers commonly known as thickeners, binders, and rheology modifiers. Methocel™ grades are based on Methylcellulose (MC) and Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) derived from natural cellulose sources. METHOCEL™ offers a comprehensive range of functionalities and properties that provides custom solutions to household and industrial applications.


METHOCEL™ Functional Properties in Cleaners and Detergents:

Controlled Thickening, Rheology, and Gelation

  • Wide range of viscosities (3 to 200,000 mPas in 2% solution)
  • Enables viscosity and rheology control of aqueous and solvent-based formulations
  • Wide range of substitution levels and hydroxypropyl content that advance customization attributes
  • Excellent gelation properties that are reversible upon heating

Excellent Stability and Resistance

  • Broad PH stability makes Methocel™ a preferred thickener for alkaline and acidic cleaners
  • A non-ionic polymer that provides high compatibility with typical surfactants in cleaners and detergents formulations
  • Acts as a medium-strength surfactant and tolerates high salt levels
  • Available enzyme resistant and biodegradable grades
  • Safe to use and approved for food contact applications

Application Details:

MethocelMETHOCEL™ grades are excellent thickeners for household cleaning products. They are highly efficient with advanced stability in alkaline and acid cleaning solutions such as toilet cleaners, mildew, and lime removal products.

They are also utilized in multi-purpose and general neutral cleaners for their high viscosity control, foaming properties, and emulsion stabilization performance.
METHOCEL™ also gives a cling to substrates and prevents soil re-deposition. It also retains moisture in detergent, which keeps active agents in contact with the substrates for powerful cleaning performance.

Select Your Methocel Grade: 


  Product Name


      Viscosity in
      2% Solution

  METHOCEL™ 311        7,500 (1%)
  METHOCEL™ A15LV        15
  METHOCEL™ A4C        400
  METHOCEL™A4M        1,500
  METHOCEL™ E5           5
  METHOCEL™ F4M PRG        4,000
  METHOCEL™ 240S        40,000
  METHOCEL™ J12MS        12,000
  METHOCEL™ J75MS        75,000
  METHOCEL™ K100LV        100
  METHOCEL™ K4M           4,000
  METHOCEL™ K15MS         15,000


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