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ETHOCEL™ Standard 20 Premium

ETHOCEL™ Standard 20 Premium is a medium molecular weight, pharmaceutical grade ethyl cellulose polymer used in inks, coatings, and ceramics as a binder.

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Product Overview

ETHOCEL™ Standard 20 Premium is a high purity, organosoluble ethyl cellulose polymer.  It is designed to meet the requirements of regulated applications including food and pharmaceutical.  ETHOCEL™ Standard 20 Premium is an ideal binder, film former, and thickener for solvent based formulations that require a high level of control and purity.


  • Printing Inks: ETHOCEL™ Standard 20 Premium is soluble in common solvents used for flexographic, gravure, ink jet, and screen printing ink.  It works well as a thickener to provide precise control over viscosity.  It will impart a pseudoplastic nature to an ink formulation that makes the ink flow well under shear and wet out printing surfaces.
  • Conductive Pastes:  ETHOCEL™ Standard 20 Premium is an outstanding binder for metals used in conductive paste formulations.  It will dramatically improve the green strength of the paste and it burns out remarkably clean during sintering leaving little to no ash residue.  It is ideal for printed electronics and semi-conductors.
  • Specialty Coatings:  ETHOCEL™ Standard 20 Premium can be used to form durable, water resistant films.  These films are highly useful in coatings used to protect paper packaging.  

Features & Benefits

Pharmaceutical grade
Forms water resistant films
Burns out cleanly with low ash content
Low sodium content
USP, EP, JP, NF, FDA Approved

Product Specifications

Viscosity: 18.0 - 22.0 mPa.s
Ethoxyl content, assay: 48.0 - 49.5% wt
Loss on drying, moisture: 2.0% wt Max
Chloride (as NaCl): 0.05% Max

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