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Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) thickener with a low substitution. It has a viscosity of between 2.4 - 3.6 cP at low addition levels.

Product Overview

METHOCEL™ K3 Premium LV is a water-soluble cellulose ether polymer that offers a low viscosity of 3 cP. It is based on low substitution hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) for higher stability and performance.


METHOCEL™ K3 Premium LV offers improved binding and film-forming properties with low viscosity change for a variety of industrial applications:

  • Adhesives: METHOCEL™ K3 Premium LV is used as a film former and binder in adhesives. It provides wet-tack, quick set, fast dry, and oil resistance to various types of adhesives.

  • METHOCEL™ K3 Premium LV has also been used in animal health products, ceramics, coatings, and special effects applications.

Features & Benefits

Soluble in some organic solvents
Improves properties such as adhesion, spreadability, and homogeneity
Enables gelation, reversible gelation with heating
Elastic to brittle viscosity builder
Advanced rheology control
Prevents friction through high lubricity
Provides water-binding properties
Superior binding for ceramics and high solid applications
Wide range of PH stability
Excellent binders for organic and inorganics
Crosslinkable for high retentive gels
Thermoplastic for extrusion applications

Product Specifications

Methoxyl: 19.0 - 24.0%
Hydroxypropoxyl: 70 - 12.0%
PH,2% in water: 5.0 - 8.0
residue on Ignition: 1.5
Viscosity, 2% in water @20°C: 2.4 - 3.6 cP

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