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METHOCEL™ 228S is a modified HPMC utilized in plasters, mortars, adhesives, tape joint compounds, crack fillers, and other flexible construction products as a thickening, water retention aid, and lubrication agent.


Product Overview

METHOCEL™ 228S is a surface-treated hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) thickener. It is a highly pure, non-ionic, water-soluble cellulose ether that has a viscosity of 5000 cP in water at 2% concentration. METHOCEL™ 228S has a surface treatment that prevents hydration. Due to this delayed hydration, METHOCEL™ 228 can be directly added into aqueous formulations and dissolved with mild agitation without forming lumps. METHOCEL™228S provides outstanding workability, crack resistance, and viscosity control when utilized in joint compounds and crack fillers. Additionally, METHOCEL™ 228S improves water retention, extending the formulation's open time.


Joint Compounds
Crack Sealants
Construction Adhesives
Battery Electrodes

Features & Benefits

Delayed solubility
Water soluble
No ionic charge
pH stable
Thermal gelation which is reversible

Problems Solved

Battery electrode interference from binders caused by ionic charge
Defects in the electrode coating like pinholes
Joint compounds and crack sealants that sag and creep.

Product Specifications

Appearance: White to slightly off-white powder
Ubbelohde viscosity
2% in water at 20°C: 5,000 mPa*s
Moisture content: <5.0%
Particle size <212 µm: >97%

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