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METHOCEL™ E10M Premium


Medium molecular weight, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose polymer that is used to thicken water-based and alcohol based solutions.

Product Overview

METHOCEL™ E10M Premium is a medium molecular weight hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) polymer with elevated regulatory approvals. This grade can be used to thicken water-based and alcohol based solutions that require FDA approvals. When added to water at 2% it yields solutions with a viscosity of 10,000 cps.


METHOCEL™ E10M Premium is a high purity, highly efficient thickener for water-based formulations. The hydroxypropyl content of this grade makes it compatible with polar organic solvents including alcohols.

Coatings, Inks, Adhesives: METHOCEL™ E10M Premium is used to thicken water-based coating, inks, and adhesive formulations. It produces solutions that are easy to spread and with excellent cling to vertical surfaces. METHOCEL™ E10M can also be used to form flexible films that are resistant to oils and grease.

Ceramics: METHOCEL™ E10M Premium is used in ceramics as a temporary binder and lubricant. When added to ceramic slurries METHOCEL™ E10M Premium provides a thixotropic rheology that reduces the pressure necessary for ceramic extrusion. Once extruded, ceramic parts containing METHOCEL™ E10M Premium have remarkable green strength. This is due to the thermal gellation property of HPMC.  METHOCEL™ E10M will reversibly gel at temperatures above 58°C to provide added green strength that reduces the risk of defects. Once fired, the METHOCEL™ E10M Premium burns out cleanly and you are left with a defect free ceramic part.

Household & Institutional Cleaners: METHOCEL™ E10M Premium is used to thicken water-based and alcohol-based cleaners and sanitizers that require FDA approvals for sale and distribution. It has outstanding pH stability and can be used to provide stable viscosity to both acid and alkaline formulations. METHOCEL™ E10M Premium provides solutions with a thixotropic viscosity that allows them to be easy to dispense and spread while also maintaining cling to vertical surfaces. Solutions of METHOCEL™ E10M Premium have a soft, lubricating feel and are non-tacky when dry.

Features & Benefits

FDA Approvals
USP, EP, JP Approvals
Water soluble
Compatible with polar organic solvents including IPA and ethanol
Soft, lubricating feel
Clings to surfaces
Thermal gellation

Problems Solved

Thickeners for alcohol based solutions requiring FDA approval
Poor cling to vertical surfaces
Ceramic defects

Product Specifications

Methoxyl - 28.0-30.0%
Hydroxypropyl - 7.0-12.0%
Sodium Chloride - 0.5% max
Moisture, as packaged - 5.0% max
Viscosity, 2% in Water, @ 20°C- 7500 - 15000 cP

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