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METHOCEL™ 254 is a modified hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose polymer that is used in the construction sector as a thickener and rheology modifier.


Product Overview

METHOCEL™ 254 is primarily intended for use in manually and spray-applied plasters. Along with strong thickening functionality, METHOCEL™ 254 gives plasters exceptional workability and significantly improves water retention. It may also be used in adhesives for ceramic tiles based on cement. The particle size distribution of METHOCEL™ 254 promotes quick dissolution, which is unaffected by formulation pH. All mineral binders are compatible with the product.


Cement-based tile adhesives
Blocks adhesives
Manual plasters
Masonry mortars
Cement lime machine plaster

Features & Benefits

Provides cement-based tile adhesives well-balanced qualities, such as open time, slide resistance, adhesion, and shear strength depending on various storage circumstances
Additionally, it improves water retention, imparting superior workability
Quick or lump-free dissolution is guaranteed by the chosen particle size distribution
All common mineral and organic binders have high compatibility

Problems Solved

Poor open time, adhesion, and shear strength of cement-based tile and block adhesives
Low workability of plasters and mortars 
Incompatibility with other organic and mineral binders 

Product Specifications

Form: Fine powder
Solubility: water soluble
Viscosity: 32000 mPa·s
Moisture Content: < 5.0%
Sodium Chloride: < 1.5%
Particle Size:< 70 U.S. Standard Sieve, 212 µm> 95%

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